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A Secure, reliable, adaptable and cost-effective e-testing solution that is completely bespoke to each and every customer

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Add the latest innovation and our experience of processing exams for over 4 decades and you have the safe pair of hands required to deliver high stakes exams and tests.

Then add feature rich technology that is best in class.

And then we welcome you to the world of SmarterTesting!

   SmarterTesting is re-imagined to address the challenges that Covid-19 has given us and completely bespoke to each and every customer and their needs.  Meeting both the requirements of exam administrators and candidates alike.

 SmarterTesting has innovative features such as, face recognition security, multiple question types, variable time limits, instant feedback, lock down browser, webcam recording, item banking, detailed exam reporting and analysis, question bank integration, hybrid test creation – set up your own tests or let us managed that for you and remote manual and AI proctoring.


Our innovation doesn’t stop there:

SmarterTesting offers the accessibility and flexibility that assessors and students demand and an interface that is ultra-secure, easily adaptable, fast and straightforward to use.  


                                                                                     It goes on


SmarterTesting features include:

unique facial recognition candidate log-in security options;

user friendly, intuitive and uncluttered, menu driven interface, configurable to suit preferred layouts;

touch screen and drag-and-drop functions for a unique, progressive testing experience.

…and on…


Desktop and laptop PCs and Macs, tablets and smartphones exist because different devices are better for different situations. SmarterTesting works on all devices and is accessible through any browser and downloadable as an app — enabling exams and test to be carried out anywhere, anytime.


…and on…


Operating in any language, on any device and with any operating system, SmarterTesting is the go-to e-testing solution for any assessment.


All this, and at costs well below the competition!

Quite possibly the most secure, yet cost-effective e-testing solution
for any assessment in any language,
on any OS and any device...


Built using the latest technology, SmarterTesting delivers tests in a batched format, which makes the loading of the questions extremely fast and removes lagging, which has been a historic problem with other systems and thus we believe SmarterTesting is one of the quickest testing platforms currently available.

The need for security when marking high-stakes assessments can’t be overstated. Beyond standard password-validated log-in security protocols, SmarterTesting offers the highest level of security for candidate authentication with a face recognition option. The only e-testing solution to offer this level of security. In addition, our servers are stored in a former bank vault, making sure your sensitive data is stored at a level not seen anywhere else in the sector.

effective innovation – simplicity without compromise

Fast Performance
Premium Security
Online Support

Available through desktops and laptops, PCs and Macs, tablets and even smartphones, SmarterTesting provides a simple and intuitive user-interface. It leverages on features that candidates are already accustomed to through their use of common on-line applications, reducing the learning curve and increasing the testing experience.

Communication between professional assessors is essential to be sure the highest standards of testing are met and maintained. Adaptable, to meet bespoke demands and needs of different hierarchical approaches of managing the testing and monitoring of candidates, the interactive chat platform feature of SmarterTesting fully supports one-way, two-way and group communication and messaging, a must when offering tests remotely.


Accuracy and reliability are important features required by any testing platform, so too are consistency and speed. Built with the latest in software technology, and hosted on servers in our secure UK facility, SmarterTesting offers stability and scalability and is probably the most efficient testing platform currently available today.

Test Management

View, track and communicate with every member of your team.  Manage candidates and tests alike by sharing detailed reports to help improve productivity and most importantly quality.

Quality Control

No matter what innovative features SmarterTesting offers, nothing is more important than the quality of the testing experience and the results they produce.  Through our experience in the exam space and innovation like our AI proctoring module, we deliver a world class quality driven solution, every time.


SmarterTesting allows for remote proctoring, giving levels of invigilation normally only available in a managed test centre.  Our remote, experienced team can proctor exams live or by watching recordings and flagging issues quickly and accurately.

You may also utilise your own team to carry out this process or indeed, explore our exciting AI solution, which in time we believe will become the norm in the world of remote proctoring.


the tests

When setting up your exams and test, SmarterTesting gives you two options.

Firstly you can access your portal and create your own tests, securely yet simply.

Or you can allow us to do it for you.  This option is unique within the sector and as SmarterTesting is bespoke to your requirement, you just tell us what you want and we remove the investment required at your end and make it happen, quickly, accurately and securely, allowing you to concentrate on your core.


Being bespoke SmarterTesting shows it’s flexibility by allowing for any of the following question types to be used:


•       Text Entry Interaction

•       Common Choice Interaction

•       Common Ordering Interaction

•       Common Associate Interaction

•       Common Matching Interaction

•       Hottext Interaction

•       Gap Match Interaction

•       Slider Interaction

•       Inline Choice Interaction

•       File Upload Interaction

•       Image Hotspot Interaction

•       Image Order Interaction

•       Image Associate Interaction

•       Video clip Interaction

•       Audio clip Interaction



You can add individual timings  to each question, allowing the candidate to answer each question within a certain timeframe or simply add a timeframe for the whole test.


You have full management of all your tests and exams from your personal portal.

You have your test set up and ready to go, you can then email your cohort and let them know what their unique log in details are and when their relevant exam will take place (or we can again do that for you).


 On the day of the test, the candidates log in and sit the exam.


SmarterTEsting Portal.png
marterTEsting Login.png
SmarterTesting Video question.png

Once logged in they are then presented with your bespoke exam.  Written the way you want it written, using the question types you want to use.  

Once completed, you can present the results immediately or at a later time.  For questions that require marking by qualified markers, like free text, essay type questions, you can if you wish mark them through our marking solution SmarterMarking or you can mark them using your existing solutions.


Analysis and reporting is again bespoke to each client and can be as detailed or as brief as required.


For tests where the results are presented upon completion, the candidate has the ability to print certificates if required.

We've Come a Long Way

Experienced in education assessment

PECS Data, the creators of SmarterTesting are experienced in education assessment, with 49 years of outstanding outsourcing services and solutions delivery.


PECS provide best value data management and e-marking and testing services to the education sector, and agencies responsible for delivering paper-based or online high volume, high-stakes educational assessments. PECS designs and delivers expedient solutions, efficient logistical operations and robust logistic processes and e-marking and testing software, combining simplicity with fitness for purpose and tailored to the needs of assessment professionals.  Our pedigree in this field goes back over 40 years.


With absolutely no compromise to quality, reliability or accuracy, our solutions also offer significant cost savings over other suppliers.


Founded in 1972, PECS, is one of the UK's longest established, privately-owned data processing agencies. Here in 2021, PECS also delivers a broad portfolio of data services and solutions to not only the educational but also medical, financial, commercial, pharma and manufacturing sectors.

Operating with an international reach from our offices and facilities in the UK, South Africa and Mauritius – each delivering high quality data management solutions.  We support businesses across the globe, including clients in the UK, France, Mauritius, South Africa, the UAE and USA.


What People are Saying

We think SmarterTesting is the leading on-screen testing solution in the world today but don't take our word for it...

“SmarterTesting is exactly what we needed during these uncertain times.”

“It's simple to use and far supperior to what we have been using.”

“Security is so so important to us and SmarterTesting has it on another level.”

Test Administrator, Assessment Company, South Africa

MD, Assessment company, United Kingdom

IT Director, Assessment Company, South Africa


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